A Little Miami Story..


* Time to drink tequila & Dance on the table, How cute is this Little food truck

* Today the sun will shine on me! It’s here 30 degrees. My bikini is from Calzedonia

* Just my little arm candy party, The gold with orange bracelet is from Juli Dans Jewels, The other 2 i made it myself..

* My look of that day, My short is from Mango, Bag from Chanel, Bracelets From my own label “Lizzy’s Choice”, Shirt from Saint Tropez and the Scarf is from Hermes

* Some lunch at the apartment, I love bagels!

* Stairway to candy heaven! Because we all love Dylan’s Candy Bar. My sneakers are from Adidas

* Omw to Miami, I’m wearing My own Sweater from my label Lizzy’s Choice, Pants from Glamorous, Bag and Scarf from Louis Vuitton and my shoes are from Isabel Marant

* Because we all love donuts, How cute is this little store

* A Little Lunch at Sushi Samba, I love this place!

* My view from the apartment


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  2 comments for “A Little Miami Story..

  1. Eva
    maart 16, 2015 at 5:34 pm

    Love how you’ve put this thing together !

  2. Alicia
    maart 9, 2015 at 11:46 am

    Cool , ik zag je voor bij komen en moest een berichtje achterlaten.
    Heb je ook een bio en wat zijn je dagelijkse
    bezigheden .
    Nice 2 know 2

    Byeeee alic

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