In love with Nijntje






IMG_9043Coat from Nikkie/ Blouse from Express/ Skirt from Rinascimento/ Shoes from Giuseppe Zanotti/ Bag from Chanel/ Bracelet from Taurú

Today I went to U-PR I saw alot of new stuff for their next collection! Later I went to palladium and had lunch with my friend. It’s always a nice place to have lunch, their salads are really good. After that I just walk around in Amsterdam! I love this city so much.. It so nice here, the people are always busy but I Iove it! After some window shopping in the pc, haha, I saw this cute rabbit and ofcourse I just had to shoot with him! I hope you enjoyed your day! Visit museum plein to take your own shot with the rabbit. It will be gone soon  X Lizz




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  1. mei 27, 2015 at 9:18 pm

    lekkerding ben je ook

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