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Bon Jour!

Shirt from Just Dai/ Jeans from Loiza by Patrizia Pepe/ Shoes from Nike/ Bag from Fab Hello sunlovers, How nice was the weather this weekend! I enjoyed every minute of it. Saturday was à perfect day to have lunch outside, with some lovely friends. This was the outfit that I was wearing that day. I love the glittery busy shirt and… Read more →


Comfy Wednesday

                    Jacket from Nikkie/ Shirt from Summum/ Sweatpants from Circle of trust/ Bag from Cowboysbelt/ Sneakers from Nike/ Bracelets Juli Dans Jewels Since I only have 3 schooldays a week, my long weekend has begun!At the moment I’m busy packing my bags for my next trip.. I believe everyone has those… Read more →


Blue Wednesday

                        Sweater from Nike/ Coat from Zara/ Pants from Zara/ Scarf From louis vuitton/ Bag from Balenciaga/ Shoes from Zara/ Bracelets from Joy Jewellery Look at the wall.. Everybody knows the feeling of a week off, but still having enough chores to fill up the entire week. On my way… Read more →