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In love with Nijntje

Coat from Nikkie/ Blouse from Express/ Skirt from Rinascimento/ Shoes from Giuseppe Zanotti/ Bag from Chanel/ Bracelet from Taurú Today I went to U-PR I saw alot of new stuff for their next collection! Later I went to palladium and had lunch with my friend. It’s always a nice place to have lunch, their salads are really good. After that I… Read more →


Red Supercolor!

Coat from Nikkie/ Shirt from Ambika/ Pants from Circle of Trust/ Shoes from Adidas Supercolor/ Bag from Zara/ Scarf from Alexander Mcqueen During school I had to take pictures of my outfit. I’m in love with my new red supercolor sneaker from adidas! I wish I had them all! Because red is one of my favorite colors you understand I had… Read more →


Black And White

          Coat from Nikkie/ Tshirt from Nikkie/ Pants from Maison Scotch/ Bag from Cowboysbelt/ Scarf from Louis Vuitton/ Shoes from Kennel & Schmenger After a busy weekend, luckily the new week started. Today i went to school and learned everything about tv-styling. I’m in love with the new collection from Nikkie. The combination of black and white is always… Read more →


Comfy Wednesday

                    Jacket from Nikkie/ Shirt from Summum/ Sweatpants from Circle of trust/ Bag from Cowboysbelt/ Sneakers from Nike/ Bracelets Juli Dans Jewels Since I only have 3 schooldays a week, my long weekend has begun!At the moment I’m busy packing my bags for my next trip.. I believe everyone has those… Read more →


Back to reality

            Sweater from Nikkie/ Coat from Expresso/ Pants from Circle of trust/ Scarf from Louis Vuitton/ Bag from Cowboybelt/ Shoes from Kennel & Schmenger Bye bye holidays… My holiday is already over, but I am not gonna be sad about it for too long..Because I am packing my bags in 2 days heading to the… Read more →


Black Silver..

      Jersey from Zara/ Coat from Nikkie/ Pants from Black Orchid/ Scarf from louis vuitton/ Bag from Chanel/ Boots from Pinko After a long day of school, till 4 pm, I visited my good friend Afra for some much needed girltime. Always nice to have some quality time with a good friend, just sharing your thoughts, beliefs and dreams.… Read more →